Beetle Kit (NEW!) 12 larvae

Superworms (Zohopbas morio) are a hard-bodied larvae popular in the pet industry as food for reptiles. However, if you take care of them, they turn into a darkling beetle! 

Available year round unless the weather is below -20. This kit ships on Mondays: in order to be in time for shipping the following Monday, your order must be placed by the previous Wednesday at noon.

Superworms cannot be released.

Kit Includes:

-12 superworm larvae of varying sizes
-approx 1lb of bedding (which doubles as a food sourcce)
-two containers: one for larvae, one for eventual beetles
-pupation chambers
-egg carton as a habitat surface

LIFE CYCLE: Superworms are neat. When kept in groups, they are very slow to pupate: so, we provide "pupation chambers" (little vials) to separate out your mature larvae so that they can pupate in peace. It's important to do this: the younger larvae are cannibals and while they don't eat each other, they will totally eat anyone desperate who tries to pupate in their larvae chamber, or any beetles in there with them. The life cycle, when monitored for mature larvae, can becompleted in around a month. However, left in a group, it is much longer because they won't pupate in a group!

DIET: They have a broad diet, and although we have provided them with a nutritious grain-based substrate, you will need to provide them with supplemental food in the form of fresh, moisture rich veggies which also act as a water source. Potato, apple, broccoli, and carrot are all decent choices.

DURATION: Getting adult beetles will take you around a month. However, once you have adults, they absolutely will want to breed and produce more larvae! Which is SUPER COOL if you want little beetles that are easy to care for, ongoing. However, can be a little inconvenient if you are looking for an open-close project: luckily, these are pretty easy to give away (as noted, there's always someone with a lizard looking for snacks). We have instructions available online for different things to do with your critters at this point. 

SHIPPING: We guarantee live shipping: however, once the larvae arrive to you, be ready to take care of them. These are a living creature and have requirements it will be your duty to fulfill. We can't control what happens past the point of shipping, but we can help you! If you encounter any problems, call us right away so we can help you! We want you to have a healthy fun experience with these little friends and when you make a purchase like this, you get the might of our lab's knowledge to triage your issues.


Remember: you are dealing with living animals. Nature is not perfect; in the wild, survival rates would naturally be very low, with only around 5% of insects surviving to adulthood. In captivity and with proper care, you should expect a much higher rate of survival. Please follow your instructions carefully, and incorporate the volatility of insect life into your plans. We do not recommend assigning a single insect to a single participant, as some of them will not make it.  It is always ideal to observe insects as a population. 

SHIPPING: Please review your invoice carefully to ensure there are no mistakes in the information we have been given for you. Ensure your order has been translated correctly. Butterfly Wings N' Wishes is not responsible for shipment delay or failure due to incorrect information on the invoice. If an order is delivered to an incorrect location or is returned to us due to these issues, we may charge an adjustment fee in event that your parcel's delivery must be corrected.

Incomplete orders (missing phone numbers, missing physical address, etc) will be cancelled and refunded. PO boxes are not valid addresses.

If you want separate shipping dates you must place separate orders: this is to account for the separate shipping fees that are required. Otherwise, we will default you to a single shipment, though we may follow-up if it is not best for the animals. 

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Beetle Kit (NEW!) 12 larvae

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