Red Wiggler Composting Bin - Monthly Rental (EDMONTON ONLY)

If this listing is available, then we have them in stock! EDMONTON AREA ONLY.

This is a RENTAL ITEM, with the bin included! Available in monthly increments, and must be returned to us in like-new condition. Soil will be tested and worms checked for health upon return.  

DEPOSIT - $45.00 (refundable if bin is returned, and in good condition)

RENTAL FEE (monthly) - $10.00

Not for outdoor use. This bin is entirely set up for you: all you have to do is take good care of your worms!

Included is 1 52-L flip-top-tote (for easy feeding), 1.2 lb reg wiggler worms, and substrate. There is an easy-to-see food list on the bin itself, and we have complex instructions available on our main website at:

Do not release or house red wiggler worms outside. Worms are destructive and invasice species across most of North America where they are non native, and are decimating our boreal and grassland habitat. it is not too late to stop their encroachment in the north. Use only their waste products outside to prevent environmental contamination.


Bin is delivered set-up, with worms, substrate, and with a recommended set soil PH. On your invoice will be a shipping date (when your worms arrive) and a return date (when you need to get it back to us). We arrange shipping in both directions for you. If your worms are returned in poor condition, such as too wet, too dry, dead, poisoned, or with bad PH or bad parasites, your deposit is forefeited. 

SHIPPING: Please review your invoice carefully to ensure there are no mistakes in the information we have been given for you. Ensure your order has been translated correctly. Butterfly Wings N' Wishes is not responsible for shipment delay or failure due to incorrect information on the invoice. If an order is delivered to an incorrect location or is returned to us due to these issues, we may charge an adjustment fee in event that your parcel's delivery must be corrected.

If you want separate shipping dates you must place separate orders: this is to account for the separate shipping fees that are required. Otherwise, we will default you to a single shipment, though we may follow-up if it is not best for the animals. 

By agreeing to do business with us you hereby agree to abide by all terms and conditions as presented by Butterfly Wings N' Wishes Ltd:

Red Wiggler Composting Bin - Monthly Rental (EDMONTON ONLY)

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