Isopods - Zebra SM (12-15 A maculatum)

Included: 12-15 mixed size Armadillium maculatum, the fancy shmancy ZEBRA ISOPOD. These are a true "rollie pollie" and can curl right up like an armadillo. 

The isopods come housed in a shipping container and will need to be rehoused in 1-2 weeks. Additional substrate and housing not included. 

These guys are a great all-puurpose clean up crew for vivariums, providing the conditions are a bit drier: they do not like things super wet, and in fact prefer a relatively dry habitat with a wet gradient to one side. Otherwise they are very similar to common isopods, and are easy to feed and care for, consuming human vegetable and fruit scraps, dead and decaying plant matter such as leaves and hardwoods, and will clean up after other organisms as well.

They can be housed in everything from a recycled deli container to an aquarium.  They do not do well with red wigglers due to their preference for drier conditions.They do not climb smooth surfaces such as plastic or glass. 

Isopods are a fantastic and easy colony organism in the classroom, and this is easily our cutest species. They are not insects, but tiny land crustaeans which breathe through gills - with many uses. As an in-home or in-classroom composter, they eat common household veggies and fruits like apple cores, cucumber, carrot, squash, and lettuce. They are relatively tolerant of disturbance and prefer soil and soil-like material for bedding (coconut coir, peat, black earth, decaying wood chips). These are a must-have addition to a Waste in Our World unit, because unlike worms, kids can handle isopods.

Isopods cannot be released outdoors.

Isopods can be ordered year-round.


We have an "arrive alive" guarantee but we cannot guarantee the well-being of the animals past shipping: once they are in your hands, you must be prepared to care for them. Remember: you are dealing with living animals who will be reliant on you. Nature is not perfect; in the wild, survival rates would naturally be very low in arthropods. In captivity, you should expect a much higher rate of 70%-90% survival. Please incorporate these statistics into your lesson plan, and never assign a single isopod to a single participant, as some of them will not make it. It is always ideal to observe invertebrates as a population.

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Isopods - Zebra SM (12-15 A maculatum)

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