Mason Bee Book

A best seller - we can't recommend this book enough! If you are serious about mason bee keeping, this is the final word on bees and all their needs. A perfect companion with live bees and bee nesting products.

“It is very clear and easy to understand.”

A solid reference for experienced gardeners and beekeepers.

This book will provide you with a powerful combination of scientific research and practical experience to the challenges of pollination. Well-illustrated and intended for gardeners, farmers, and laypeople who want to increase the volume of fruit harvested from their fruit trees and keep their bees thriving from season to season.


  • All about Mason Bees, their life cycle, behaviour & habitat preferences
  • What to consider whether you’re buying or building Mason Bee houses
  • How to make your own Mason Bee House with simple, inexpensive materials
  • How to place Mason Bee Houses in your garden for optimal light and warmth
  • Best practices to maintain and increase your Mason Bee population
  • Overwintering bees so your population persists from year to year
  • Protecting your bees from predators, parasites and pests
  • Valuable insights and practical tips from Mason Bee keepers

Author Dr. Margriet Dogterom has more than 20 years experience in apiculture – in both hands-on field work and scholarly research. She created the QuickLock System for Mason Bee houses – specifically designed according to the foraging and nesting behaviours of these bees.

A great gift for gardeners, beekeepers, and aspiring bee enthusiasts.

New! to this 2nd edition:

  • Novel ideas and projects
  • Chapter on pests, parasites and predators
  • Mason Bee Management Chart

Mason Bee Book

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