Leafcutter Bees (40-50 cocoons) UNAVAILABLE 2023

ATTN: Due to unforseen circumstances with our bee breeders, bees will be unavailable for spring 2023. 


Bees are final sale. No refunds, replacements, or reimbursements are available for this species. 

Leafcutter Bees (Megachile Rotundata) emerge during June, pollinating your summer blooms. The Leafcutter bee is a solitary bee that needs warm temperatures to forage. Unlike the Mason bee, which is active in May and uses mud to build nests, Leafcutter bees use leaf cuttings to build partitions in their nesting chambers, hence their name. Provide these critters with proper housing and nesting space and you'll have an army of pollinators for the summer months. 

 Leafcutter bee cocoons come in packets of around 25 cocoons.

Remember, if you don't have a good habitat (spring flowers and palces for adult bees to hide), your bees may not stick around.  To ensure your bees are happy, provide habitat and a nesting spot for them. Bees need food (summer flowers, in the case of Leafcutters), shelter (a logpile or similar messy spot), and tube nesting holes for laying eggs in. Here in northern Alberta (where our lab is), bee cocoons must he harvested from their tubes and kept in more stable temperatures during the winter than our taiga climate can provide. If you live in more friendly climates this may not be necessary. For more information, contact our office. 

Leafcutter houses available - offer nesting tubers to your Leafcutter Bees to encourage them to stay in your yard.

We have an "arrive alive" guarantee but we cannot guarantee the well-being of the animals past shipping: and we do not replace, refund or have and extended warranty on bees. Please contact us straight away if you believe something has gone awry in shipping, and we can guide you through checking the cocoons. Once they are in your hands, you must be prepared to care for them. Simple instructions will be included with your order, which can be supplemented with research of your own. Remember: you are dealing with living animals who will be reliant on you. Nature is not perfect; in the wild, survival rates would naturally be very low in arthropods. THough hatch rates i captivity are typically high (60-80%,) please be aware of the risks. 

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Leafcutter Bees (40-50 cocoons) UNAVAILABLE 2023

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