Flightless Fruit Fly Culture(s) - Two

Included: One ready-to-use flightless fruit fly culture (30-50 flies included) in a self-contained 32 oz rearing container (no maintenance required), as well as all materials needed for making a second culture should you need one. Two for the price of one!. Also included is full instructions and information about these flies, and instructions for creating your second culture.

Drosophila melanogaster are a tiny, winged, but flightless fly. This is due to genetically impaired wing muscles, and makes them far easier to manage that their wild bretheren inhabiting your fruit bowl. The life cycle of a fruit fly lasts from 25-30 days.

Fruit flies are usually bought in conjunction with a praying mantis ootheca - when the baby mantis are born, they need a food source that is very small, and at around 2 mm long, fruit flies are the perfect choice. Your baby mantis will eat flies for around one month very happily, before you need to move on to a larger food source. Fruit flies are also a popular choice if you are keeping poison dart frogs, small geckos such as day geckos, anoles, hatchling chameleons, and certain top feeding fish species.

We ship Drosophila melanogaster for all mantis orders. We also have D. hydei available upon request (hydei are much larger, and breed more slowly; though we believe they are quite beautiful, so if you are buying flies for a research project or for another animal's food source, ask us about the hydei!)



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Flightless Fruit Fly Culture(s) - Two

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