Painted Lady Butterflies for Release PREORDER

Preorders now available for 2023. 

Please note that we do not allow direct online purchasing of adult butterflies. You MUST contact our office directly to inquire on availability, and to reserve and place a deposit on your butterflies. These listings are for you to quote out your costs and read the information only. 

Orders must be placed a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of your release event. Butterflies take 4 weeks for us to raise. We recommend ordering earlier, because we often sell out far in advance based on first come first serve availability. 

For bereavements and other events that cannot be planned in advance, call us for availability. We do try to keep a small amount of butterflies reserved specifically for these events, though we cannot guarantee quanitity.


Release Season is May 31-September 1, no exceptions unless the weather is bad (in which case our season is shorter). Smoke, cool temperatures, floods, a bad growing year for nectar sources can all influence the length of the season.

Once your order is placed, the release is also weather permitting. We reserve the right to cancel at any time due to weather or atmospheric conditions like smoke, fire, flood, storms, or snow: these events are not compatible with releases. We kindly ask that you consider the well-being of the animals as your event approaches, and be prepared to have a plan B should weather be bad on the planned day of your release. We have a lot of supports available to help you navigate this.

Minimum 6 butterflies per shipped order. If you order less than 6, we will re-adjust your quanitity and invoice you for the outstanding balance. 

Please indicate the date of your release event in the section of the checkout called "Special Instructions."

We exclusively work with painted lady butterflies. We do not sell Monarchs. 


A butterfly release is a unique and memorable way to celebrate a special occasion. Worldwide, butterflies have long been a symbol of celebrating change, transition, and renewed hope for the future. A butterfly release can become a treasured part of your memories, whatever they may be. 

We exclusively work with the Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui), and do not offer Monarchs from our Edmonton laboratory as they are not commonly native here. Painted ladies, on the other hand, have widespread host and nectar plants across Canada, and are very reslient to our unpredictable northern conditions.

Shipping: All butterflies are shipped in individual white release boxes for their safety and well-being: we do not offer group release boxes. These will be placed inside an insulated shipping container, with an ice pack to keep them cool, and will be sent priority overnight to your destination. These dark, quiet conditions ensure the butterflies rest, as they would on a cold dark Canadian night. When your butterflies arrive, simply remove the ice pack and re-freeze if needed, and store your bugs at temperatures between 4 and 15 degrees celsius until the time of release.

 ***Minimum of 6 butterflies per order.

By agreeing to do business with us you hereby agree to abide by all terms and conditions as presented by Butterfly Wings N' Wishes Ltd:

SHIPPING: Please review your invoice carefully to ensure there are no mistakes in the information we have been given for you. Ensure your order has been translated correctly. Butterfly Wings N' Wishes is not responsible for shipment delay or failure due to incorrect information on the invoice. If an order is delivered to an incorrect location or is returned to us due to these issues, we may charge an adjustment fee in event that your parcel's delivery must be corrected. 

Incomplete orders (missing phone numbers, missing physical address, etc) will be cancelled and refunded. PO boxes are not valid addresses.

If you want separate shipping dates, separate orders must be placed to account for the separate shipping fees: otherwise we will default you to a single shipment at the convenience of the animals. 

Painted Lady Butterflies for Release PREORDER

Price: C$12.50
25 or more: C$10.50 each
50 or more: C$8.50 each
Availability: Out-of-Stock