Mason Bees (10 Cocoons) (SOLD OUT)

Not available for 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This is not a kit: the mature cocoons come to you and must be released immediately, so there is no in-class study phase with these, like there is with our other products.

Mason bees are all shipped during a single week in mid-May: exact date TBA. The shipping date you will see on your invoice is an estimation ONLY; please pay attention to your inbox as May approaches. You will recieve a tracing number closer to, with the date of shipping listed on it.

There is no room for flexibility on your shipping date. The bees need to be released as soon as you get them: any delay on your part may be lethal to the newborn bees. This will require you to be flexible with your schedule and attentive: the needs of the bees are high and timing will be precise. We will stay in touch with you and provide you with all necessary information, but it is up to you to take care of your bees.

Please order well in advance; numbers are very limited and we do not have surplus. 

Mason bees are final sale. We do not offer refunds, replacements, exchanges, or any reimbursement on this species. 

Super pollinators!  One set of Mason Bees contains 10 cocoons.  We recommend if you are just starting a colony that you order at least 20 cocoons. Cocoons are packaged in small coardboard boxes of 10 and should be placed near a "nesting tube" nursery house to encourage bees to remain in the area. The houses do not get used by the adult bees; they simply lay their brood in them. 

We cannot guarantee that the bees will remain in your yard unless you provide adequate habitat (places for the adults to hide, a nursery to raise young, and and adequate native nectaring plants for pollination).  If habitat is plentiful, bees will usually remain in the area, but if they don't like it they will travel long distances if required. Either way, remember that you are helping boost populations of pollinators by releasing them. 

Here in northern Alberta (where our lab is), bee cocoons must he harvested from their tubes and kept in more stable temperatures during the winter than our taiga climate can provide. If you live in more friendly climates this may not be necessary. For more information, contact our office. 

AGAIN: The delivery times of mason bees are critical. Please ensure you are ready and prepared to recieve your bees and do not delay opening the parcel. The bees begin to wake up as soon as they reach above 0 degrees celsius: which they will during their journey to you. We cannot safely prevent this during shipping, so time is of the essence once they reach you! Do not be surprised to see little sleepy bee faces in the box you recieve. Release them right away.

We have an "arrive alive" guarantee but we cannot guarantee the well-being of the animals past shipping: and we do not replace, refund or have and extended warranty on bees. Please contact us straight away if you believe something has gone awry in shipping, and we can guide you through checking the cocoons. Once they are in your hands, you must be prepared to care for them. Simple instructions will be included with your order, which can be supplemented with research of your own. Remember: you are dealing with living animals who will be reliant on you. Nature is not perfect; in the wild, survival rates would naturally be very low in arthropods. THough hatch rates i captivity are typically high (60-80%,) please be aware of the risks.

SHIPPING: Please review your invoice carefully to ensure there are no mistakes in the information we have been given for you. Ensure your order has been translated correctly. Butterfly Wings N' Wishes is not responsible for shipment delay or failure due to incorrect information on the invoice. If an order is delivered to an incorrect location or is returned to us due to these issues, we may charge an adjustment fee in event that your parcel's delivery must be corrected.

Incomplete orders (missing phone numbers, missing physical address, etc) will be cancelled and refunded. PO boxes are not valid addresses.

If you want separate shipping dates, separate orders must be placed to account for the separate shipping fees: otherwise we will default you to a single shipment at the convenience of the animals. 

By agreeing to do business with us you hereby agree to abide by all terms and conditions as presented by Butterfly Wings N' Wishes Ltd:

Mason Bees (10 Cocoons) (SOLD OUT)

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