Red Wiggler Worms - 1/2 lb and substrate

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Not for outdoor use. This kit is designed to have everything you need to get your container composting project started now, except the bin: those are so cheap at Canadian Tire, we can't compete.

Contains: One half pound of Red Wiggler Worms (anywhere between 100-300 worms) housed in approx. 5 pounds of our custom-blended worm substrate. We go by weight and not number of worms, because the number can vary widely depending on the age of the worm, and age does not impact their consumption of food: a half pound will eat the same amount regardless of how big they are. Each worm eats rougly half it's own weight each day.

Your worm substrate includes a blend of new bedding (coco coir, black earth, decaying hardwood, oak leaves, possibly some shredded paper, and other healthy organic substances) as well as at least 2-3 cups of establish vermicompost. This is mature material from our mother bins, and will include castings, cocoons, and immature worms which may be too small to see. Mature substrate such as this is productive in a new environment as it will introduce beneficial bacteria and help stabilize the PH of a new bin. Each of the cocoons will hatch 4-6 baby worms. 

Housing and additional substrate not included - we recommend 40-60 L rubbermaid or other opaque plastic totes such as the "Blue Planet" Flip-top tote from Canadian Tire. Make sure your bin is not see-through.

Red Wiggler worms are one of the best indoor composters there are. Compact, efficient, and odorless, they make an excellent in-class addition to a vermiculture or Waste and our World unit. They are also popular for use in homes to efficiently recrcle your kitchen plant waste into a nutrient-rich organic fetilizer called vermicast, or worm castings. Worm fertilizer is a fantastic soil conditioner and proven to be lower in contaminants and higher in saturation of nutrients that plant compost alone -  and can be used in houselants or your garden. Woirm composting helps divert waste flow to landfills, and will aid you in closing your metabolic gab through recycling. Worms are low-maintenance, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. All you need is an opaque box with ventilation to house your worms in, and a little bit of patience to get the castings out.

Do not release or house red wiggler worms outside. Worms are destructive and invasice species across most of North America where they are non native, and are decimating our boreal and grassland habitat. it is not too late to stop their encroachment in the north. Use only their waste products outside to prevent environmental contamination.


Replacement only: no refunds. We have an "arrive alive" guarantee but we cannot guarantee the well-being of the animals past shipping: once they are in your hands, you must be prepared to care for them. Rearing instructions will be included with your order, which can be supplemented with research of your own. Remember: you are dealing with living animals who will be reliant on you. 

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Red Wiggler Worms - 1/2 lb and substrate

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