Bees & Bee Supplies

Solitary bees like the Leafcutter bee are the ultimate secret for a healthy garden ecosystem. They can live in a diverse range of habitats - as long as they have food (flowering plants), a place to hide (debris or dense vegetation are great) and a place to build their nests (a homemade bee house or one of our ready-to-ship options are a great start). Bees like these are prolific pollinators and can visit up to 100 flowers per day - and they are also very peaceful and safe compared to colonial species, making them extremely suitable for backyard beekeeping and school projects.

By simply providing a nest and a startup colony of bees, you are helping the growth of plants in your area and aiding in the restoration of nature in general. Bees and other pollinators are essential to a healthy ecosystem - add bees to your area, and help nature out in a way kids can understand! Please do note that all bees are very much an outdoor project, as they are simply too active to keep indoors as adults.