Outreach & In-School Field Trips

 In-school field trips and outreach (including anything with live animals) remain cancelled until further notice due to the ongoing situation with COVID and it's variants. We are so charmed and it is sweet that you all miss us: we miss you too! However, we are making no exceptions this spring and emailing us personally will not affect that. Thank you for understanding!

 Alberta's "re-opening" does not affect our position: our animals cannot tolerate the presence of sanitizing products and the cleaning regimes at the level they are in schools right now (hand sanitizer, quat sprays, etc), and at the volume we would need to expose them to in order to be financially sustainable. Outdoor locations don't work for the critters because too much stimulation, especially after two years of only chilling at the lab, is stressful. 

As Alberta's leading environmental educators, we believe education is the key to conservation. Without the interest of future generations many fascinating species are in danger of disappearing forever. We are passionate about learning - we believe encounter-based education is the most memorable and effective way to help out the living world - and to get kids engaged with a topic! We offer a range of presentations to work with your curriculum or subject, and customize our content based on age group. 

Classes are about an hour long, and focus on Alberta Wildlife and native Canadian species.  We bring safe, live animals to your classroom or special event for a hands on, up close learning experience.  We provide interesting facts about conservation of wildlife, habitat, animal characteristics, adaptions, behaviors, fun facts, and always delivered with focus on the child as an individual. Students have the opportunity to get to know their visitors, at their own pace - with lots of time for questions. Classes are fully customizable - just let us know what you need! 

**All of our educators and handlers have been expertly trained in all animals provided, and hold certified up-to-date criminal record checks and security clearance. We are fully insured and approved by the Education Boards of both Calgary and Edmonton, as well as Provincial Area Boards across Alberta.