Butterflies for Release

Butterflies add enchantment to any event - historically, they have always been a symbol of celebrating new beginnings, transition, and renewed hope for the future. Butterflies are a touching and appropriate way to honor and celebrate a life well loved, and will become a treasured part of your memories, whatever they may be. Funerals and memorials, weddings, anniversaries, or other events - butterflies help connect us through nature to the endless and sacred cycle of life.

We exclusivly offer Painted lady butterflies, not Monarchs, as Monarchs are not native to our homeland of Northern Alberta. Painted ladies are in fact more widespread in the northern regions, noted all across Canada, and are better adapted to our unpredictable weather. As you release these beautiful creatures, remember that when you celebrate your own special day, you are helping to restore the sacred balance of nature in an environmentally sustainable way.

 Please be aware that butterflies releases are strictly seasonal, available from Late May to September 1 (weather permitting). We withold the right to cancel any events if we believe the weather or local conditions are not compatible with survival.

We believe in the ethical treatment of our animals from the moment they hatch to the end of their lives, and as such we only offer live butterfly releases when it is seasonally appropriate, in warm summer months. Butterflies need plenty of nectar-bearing flowers as a food source to survive, and suitable temperatures in both the day and night. Please enquire if you are interested in butterflies and are not sure about dates; keep in mind seasonal weather changes vary greatly across Canada, and your location may be important to releasing butterflies.