Worms & the Decomposers - Live Animal Class Presentation
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Classroom Presentations availiable for WEEK DAYS only. For information on booking presentations for evening and weekends, or for Birthday Parties, please contact our office directly.

Decomposers: the fascinating, underappreciated and incredibly vital organisms that clean up our world. An close-up look at how worms and other backyard bugs work to transform garden or kitchen waste into fertilized soil. Observe the secret life of worms and their underground world, including decomposers like isopods, leeches, beetle larvae and even cockroaches! We'll debunk common myths about our underground allies and kids will get to see the composting process as it happens, and learn about what can and can't be composted by nature's clean-up crew. Includes instruction on how to set up a worm composting bin of your own.

This is a "hands on" learning experience with lots of time for questions and digging in the dirt. Our specialty is NATIVE SPECIES.

Program appropriate for grades 2-4.

Specifically written for Grade 4 curriculum program, "Waste and our World."


For booking information, contact Butterfly Wings n' Wishes by e-mail at gloria@butterflyab.ca or notify us in "Special Instructions". Please provide a window of several dates or a week to allow us flexibility for booking.


Regarding Cancellations: If at any point you need to cancel or move the date of your presentation, Butterfly Wings n' Wishes requires a MINIMUM of 48 hours notice. If due notice (and confirmation of cancellation) are not received, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of no more than 50% of the cost of your services.


The Fine Print (Please Read before booking):

Presentations are available all year on a first come, first served basis. If you need a specific day, it really is best to send us an email or give us a call to book your day. We book up quite far in advance, so the earlier you call us the better!

Maximum of 30 students per group. No exceptions.

Classes are 1 hour long and include 6-8 handleable animals to interact with as well as a selection of interesting things to look at.

Subsequent presentations are eligible for a 10% discount.

Prices are based on weekday bookings. For birthday parties and weekends, there is a 10% price increase.

For preschools or other very young children, we recommend smaller groups of less than 20 kids. The experience you recieve is directly in proportion to our ability to reach each child.



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Worms & the Decomposers - Live Animal Class Presentation

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