Red Wiggler Worms
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One half pound of Red Wiggler Worms (Approx. 200-250 worms) are packaged in approx. 5 pounds of substrate, and full insctructions.

Housing and additional substrate not included - we recommend 40-60 L rubbermaid or other opaque plastic totes such as the "Blue Planet" Flip-top tote from Canadian Tire. Make sure your bin is not see-through.

Red Wiggler worms are one of the best indoor composters there are. Compact, efficient, and odorless, they make an excellent in-class addition to a vermiculture or Waste and our World unit. They are also popular for use in homes to efficiently recrcle your kitchen plant waste into a nutrient-rich organic fetilizer called vermicast, or worm castings. Worm fertilizer is a fantastic soil conditioner and proven to be lower in contaminants and higher in saturation of nutrients that plant compost alone -  and can be used in houselants or your garden. Woms are low-maintenance, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. All you need is an opaque box with ventilation to house your worms in, and a little bit of patience to get the castings out.

Do not release red wiggler worms outside. 


Sorry, no refunds. Remember: you are dealing with living animals. Nature is not perfect; in the wild, survival rates would naturally be very low, with only around 5% of butterflies surviving to adulthood. In captivity, you should expect a much higher rate of 70%-90% survival. Please incorporate these statistics into your lesson plan, and never assign a single caterpillar to a single participant, as some of them will not make it. It is always ideal to observe insects as a population.

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LIVING SCIENCE KITS: Bees, fruit flies, isopods, worms, and other living science kits are a one-time purchase and are not typically guaranteed. Once the kits are delivered they are the responsibility of the client for their husbandry, feeding and care, although if you do experience a loss you cannot explain, be sure to contact us to explore some solutions. We want the best for our animals and are anxious to do all we can to help them thrive. In the event that you are no longer happy with your animals, please contact us to find a solution. Under no conditions should any of these animals be released in the event that you no longer want them.

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Red Wiggler Worms

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