Queen: Lasius neoniger (Cornfield Anst)
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Ants are currently in hibernation and cannot be shipped. Feel free to inquire about preorders for when they become available. 

Lasius neoniger: one mated cornfield ant queen (also called labor day ant, tuftgrass ant). This queen does not produce brood until after her winter hibernation, so it is unlikely she will be accompanied by any brood. 

Difficulty level: beginner (easy)

One of our most commonly seen ants in Canada, this species is known mostly from open areas such as meadows and fields, where they make little volcanic mounds around their entrance hole. It is thought that they are extremely important ecologically, due to their preference for open habitats: they are one of the first species of ants to move into disturbed areas. The building of their nests triples soil respiration and increases biodiversity in the are by attracting other species.  This ant is famous for it's behavior in the wild of ranching a particular species of aphid (corn root aphids) for resources: a very sophisticated behavior unique to certain ants. 

Queens are 8-9 mm in length and workers are 3-6 mm. The queen of this species hibernates in solitude for her first winter, so you will not see workers until the following spring.

She will be shipped in a secure, standard test tube starter chamber with access to water, a bit of sand, and a removable plug for feeding her. This simulates a founding burrow, and this habitat must be kept dark. She can live in this starter tube for up to 4 months, before which she will need to be moved to a larger formicarium to start her colony.

Your queen will come with detailed care instructions including feeding and husbandry, hibernation (2-3 months a year), and other rearing advice. We also include a FAQ and some interesting ant facts for your project.

Formicarium sold separately. Feeding bowl and pipette not included.

Ants are seasonal: we usually sell out by November. The queens are ethically collected in warmer moths, and are available until we run out, which will be noted in this description. If you see a sold-out note here, but you are interested in pre-ordering ants for the following season, please proceed to the cart as normal and note in Special Instructions that you are placing a pre-order. This will guarantee availability when we get them back in stock. 

Please note that ants are a long-term project: queens can live for decades. You'll need to prepare to have a pet for years: if you are not sure you are ready for this, please make an inquiry before purchase and we can send you the instructions or answer any questions you may have.

We only offer our ant replacement policy on ants who are housed in our handmade formicarium. If you intend to buy ants and house them otherwise, they will not be guaranteed.

Your ants cannot be released outside. 

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Queen: Lasius neoniger (Cornfield Anst)

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