Praying Mantis Egg Case
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Included is one ootheca, or egg case, of Tenodera sinensis, the Chinese praying mantis, along with full instructions.

Average hatch time on an egg case is 2-6 weeks, but please allow up to 10 weeks for your manits to hatch. Upon emergence they need to be fed very small food items; such as Wingless Fruit Flies (available separately) until they are large enough to be fed 2 week crickets. If you are buying an ootheca for greenhouse or garden use (natural insect control), hang it in the region you experience the most infestation of 1-2 mm sized pests (such as aphids). 

Initially, you can hatch and rear your mantis in a communal habitat. Make sure that they have many rough surfaces to climb on and hang from to mold. After about 2-3 weeks, you must be prepared to house them separately as they do become cannibalistic around that point!

Chinese praying mantis are the only mantis species approved for Agricultural purposes in Canada, so can be released outdoors in the garden once the weather is warm enough (typically never before the May Long weekend). 

This species grows slowly, but with proper care and consideration, they will reach lengths of around 4 inches and can live about 8 months. 

Praying Mantis are strictly seasonal. All Mantis Ootheca are available for shipping between May - April. 

Please note: We do not sell single mantis, or adult mantis. 


Sorry, no refunds. Remember: you are dealing with living animals. Nature is not perfect; in the wild, survival rates would naturally be very low, with only around 5% of insects surviving to adulthood. In captivity, you should expect a much higher rate of 70%-90% survival. Please incorporate these statistics into your lesson plan, and never assign a single insect to a single participant, as some of them will not make it. It is always ideal to observe insects as a population.

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Please be aware that mantis ootheca are NOT guaranteed. Mantis ootheca may take up to 10 weeks to hatch, although a typical hatch time is between the 2 and 5 week mark. Female mantis will lay ootheca whether they are fertilized or not, and there is no way for us to tell if they are going to be viable at the point of sale. It is normal for around 5% of ootheca to be infertile, and we have no way of guaranteeing success rates once environmental variables are introduced. 

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Praying Mantis Egg Case

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