Painted Lady Caterpillar Kits

2023 caterpillar season is now sold out!

We are still fulfilling your orders on schedule, but no new orders will be processed. Thank you for the amazing season so far!

Cancellations do occur, so you can check directly with our office for last-minute kits (780-462-1839). Preorders for 2024 will open on September 1 of this calendar year (2023).

We offer several different sizes depending on your needs - from an at-home project with someone special, to big kits appropriate for a school classrooms. Kids get to see the growth of a precious living creature, and releasing the adult (native all across Canada) is a beautiful, memorable and environmentally beneficial lesson - you're helping the ecosystem with every butterfly you release.

Caterpillars are seasonal and are only available for a few weeks in the spring. Please preorder to ensure availability. 

Instructions are available here: