Mason Bees (10 Cocoons)
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Super pollinators!  One set of Mason Bees contains 10 cocoons.  We recommend you consider starting your colony with at least 20 cocoons. Cocoons are packaged in small coardboard boxes of 10 and should be placed in a "nesting tube" bee house to encourage bees to remain in the area.  Sorry - we cannot guarantee that the bees will remain in your yard unless you provide adequate housing and available plants for pollination.  If housing and nesting tubes are provided bees usually remain in the area, but they are able to forage long distances if required.   


Mason Bees are spring bees; they are shipped and emerge with a week before the May long weekend. Bees cannot be delayed.


Mason bees are seasonal. All of our bees are shipped the week before the May long weekend. Please order well in advance; our bees must be preordered to ensure adequate quantitites and there are no surplus.

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Mason Bees (10 Cocoons)

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