Mason Bee Starter Cottage
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A smaller version of the Chalet housebut without the predator guard (unnecessary on a house of this size), this is a great and more cost-effective way to start some Mason bees. Made of sturdy hardwood, and comes with a reusable wood nesting block. This block is reusable, but must be cleaned out between bee batches (so, either harvest your cocoons over the winter, or clean them out once the next generation has emerged in the spring).

Hanging out a nesting box is a little bit like putting up a bird house to make housing available for wildlife. The Starter Cottage is a nursery for baby bees. Remember, if you don't have a good habitat (spring flowers and palces for adult bees to hide), your bees may not stick around.  To ensure the house is used you can add a box of Mason bee cocoons to hatch out. Here in northern Alberta (where our Lab is), bee cocoons must he harvested and kept in more stable temperatures during the winter than our taiga climate provides. If you live in more friendly climates this may not be necessary. For more information, contact our office. 

Starter Cottage for Mason Bees.

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Mason Bee Starter Cottage

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