Leafcutter Bees
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Leafcutter Bees (Megachile Rotundata) emerge during the summer instead of in the spring. The Leafcutter bee is a solitary bee that forages in warmer temperatures than the Mason bee. Unlike the Mason bee which uses mud, Leafcutter bees use leaf cuttings to build partitions in their nesting chambers, hence their name. Provide these critters with proper housing and nesting space and you'll have an army of pollinators for the summer months. 


Leafcutter bee cocoons come in packets of around 25 cocoons.


Leafcutter bees are seasonal, with a very small window for release. We have LEAFCUTTER'S IN STOCK NOW - quantities limited. 

Leafcutter houses available - offer nesting tubers to your Leafcutter Bees to encourage them to stay in your yard.

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Leafcutter Bees

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