Butterflies - Live Butterflies for Special Events
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Please be aware that butterflies releases are strictly seasonal. We believe in the ethical treatment of our animals from the moment they hatch to the end of their lives, and as such we only offer live butterfly releases when it is seasonally appropriate, in warm summer months. Butterflies need plenty of nectar-bearing flowers as a food source to survive, and suitable temperatures in both the day and night. We usually begin offering butterflies after the May Long weekend in Canada, and we close releases in early September (weather pending).

We humbly request that you take into consideration that these are live insects, and have needs of their own. 

A butterfly release is a unique and memorable way to celebrate a special occasion. Butterflies have long been a symbol of celebrating new beginnings, transition, and renewed hope for the future. Our Painted lady butterflies will become a treasured part of your memories, whatever they may be. They are a touching and appropriate way to honour the memory of a lost loved one. Butterflies are symbols of renewal and new beginnings; they are a wonderful way to celebrate change and hope fo the future, such as a wedding, anniversary, or graduation. 

We exclusively work with the Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui), and do not offer Monarchs from our Edmonton laboratory as they are not commonly native here. 

***A note on placing orders: we usually require a 2 week lead time on all orders over 12 butterflies. We do always have a few extra butterflies on hand for short notice, but they sell very fast and as such we cannot always guarantee availability. If you are planning an event, please give us as much notice as you can, as otherwise we may not have the number you require. For larger orders of 24 or more, the lead time will increase. 


Price breaks are offered as quantities increase. 

 ***Minimum of 6 butterflies per order.

***Please be aware of the lead times we often require (see above)

Small Order: Less than 12 butterflies - $12.50 each

Medium Order: 12 or more butterflies - $10.50 each

Large Order: 24 or more butterflies - $8.50 each


*Please ensure you are selecting the correct "size" price for the quantity you would like to purchase. Incorrectly priced orders will NOT be processed.

For orders of under 12 butterflies: select size "Small"

Orders of 12-23 butterflies: select size "Medium"

Orders of 24 or more butterflies: select size "Large"

Butterfly Wings n' Wishes reserves the right to review all orders placed. Incorrectly calculated orders will not be processed and you will receive a refund of your purchase amount.

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Butterflies - Live Butterflies for Special Events

Price: C$12.50
12 or more: C$10.50 each
24 or more: C$8.50 each
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