Ants: Live Queens & Formicarium

NEW for fall 2018! 

Our queens are native to Canada, ethically sourced during their nupital flights, and selected for their ease of rearing in captivity. We have limited numbers available now until we sell out!

Ants are a long term project, and available seasonally as quantities last, based on their nupital flights in the spring through to the late summer. If you are a teacher, we suggest ordering your queen for the BEGINNING of the school year, extending your project time with them. The queen will lay eggs, rear her brood, and the colony will expand gradually in an observable, interactive way. They do also require a short hibernation (~2 months), which gives you a chance to illustrate the needs of animals and their seasonal cycle, as well as take some time off from your ant-rearing duties.

Please be aware ants cannot be released outside.

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