Do you order every year? Would you consider yourself a regular customer? We have launched a MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM just for you.

We create a standing order based on your customer history, and you recieve this order automatically every year: we send confirmation in September, and you are welcome to change or cancel it as needed. 

Membership comes with perks! Not only guaranteed orders every year, but also discounts, coupons, product launches, and other opportunities. If you are interested in joining, email us:


 Please note that due to crazy fuel prices and increased supply chain costs, we are seeing a shocking increase in operational and shipping costs across Canada: a bigger jump than we've experienced in 22 years of business. We continue to provide whatever offset we can, especially for shipping: but please note that we have had to implement price increases across the board.  We are very sorry about this. 

In-school field trips and outreach remain cancelled until further notice due to challenges we are having restarting that division. We are so charmed and it is sweet that you all miss us: we miss you too! However, we are still facing personell issues that are not cohesive with restarting the outreach divsiion. Thank you for understanding!